Meet the Mainiacs: Lucky Holmes

Welcome to a strange little corner of my brain, inhabited by made-up people and almost-humour. While I take a break from thinking over Christmas, please enjoy getting to know the main characters (or mainiacs, as I call them) from my novel, An Experiment in Time and Memory!


Me, the author who has a strangely amiable relationship with the characters whose lives I have destroyed, 

Lucky “LucHolmes, my main character, and,

Amber Elkhoury, my other main character. 

Me: *taking a seat* The purpose of this is to introduce yourselves so that people get an idea of who you are and things they should know about you before they read the book. Just please don’t mention anything that’s happened since… well, since you started at ARCHIVE. Okay? 

Lucky: Okay. Who’s going first?

Amber: Can I go first? I have a… suggestion 🙂

Me: Oh?

Amber: Can we introduce each other? We always have to introduce ourselves; it could be fun to talk about each other for a change. 🙃

Lucky: *shifts uncomfortably* um ok

Me: Sounds fun. You going first, Amber?

Amber: Yessssss *evil laugh*

Luc: *is very nervous*

Amber: This is Luc. Most people know him as Lucky. Umm… he’s 24, and he’s Irish. He used to be a police officer, before he became an ARCHIVE agent. 

Me: *whispers to her* you will need to explain what an ARCHIVE agent does. 

Amber: Oh… Well, ARCHIVE stands for… um… 

Lucky: I’m pretty sure the I is for International. And the H is for Historical. Victims and… Ehhh…ntrepreneurs…

Me: *sighs* ARCHIVE Is the Aid and Rescue Corp… 

Amber: Oh! For Historical and International Victims and Emergencies! I had to know that when I went for the interview XD. Anyway yes, so ARCHIVE agents go back in time to save people who have been recorded as saved, during emergencies or natural disasters. 

Lucky: *coughs* “Recorded as saved.” Except for Steph–

Me: Hey! No spoilers! 

Amber: Yeah Luc! XD Luc and I are partners, which means we do all our missions together. Or, we try to, anyway. That plane in 1998 was an exception–ah! Spoilers! Sorry!

Me: *face palm* Back to Lucky…?

Amber: Um… Well, what else should they know about him?

Me: Some may be wondering why you call him Luc, but I call him Lucky?

Luc: and why the names in the script are inconsistent… 🧐

Me: 😨

Amber: It’s your fault for having so many nicknames. But I made up the name Luc for you, so I’m the only one who gets to use it. 😁

Me: Ah, yes, that makes more sense than what I assumed was the case… which was that he just can’t say no to you. 😏

Amber: *laughs* Don’t say that! Although, sometimes the way Luc talks, you might think he has a crush on you. But it doesn’t mean anything; he has that effect without even realising it. 😊


Amber: oh I was expecting a response from that 😛

Me: *snickers* So, Amber… how do you know he doesn’t have a crush on you?

Luc: *looks anywhere but Amber*

Amber: Oh, he talks to everyone like that. Laura, Shinichi, the Commander. He just has this way of looking at you quite intently, and speaking deliberately. Idk it makes me think he likes me, but it’s just the way he naturally talks. It’s the cutest thing 🥰

Luc: I’m not cute, I’m tough. 😤 Like the Rock. 😎

Amber: *bursts out laughing*

Luc: *sighs* Is it my turn yet?

(More to come! Over Summer, I’ll be introducing all four Mainiacs this way! Sign up to be notified when Amber, Laura and Shinichi are introduced!)

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