Meet the Mainiacs: Amber Elkhoury

Picking up where we left off, with Lucky needing to prove something and Amber slightly nervous about where he’ll take her introduction…

Me: *still laughing* ok ok ok yes, Lucky, you can introduce Amber now it’s your turn go.

Lucky: Good. Time for revenge. Well, this is Amber.

Amber: *tries to stop laughing and listen*

Lucky: She was born in England, but her family’s… curses I’m going to get this wrong and offend everyone… Lebanese?

Amber: Yep.

Lucky: *surprised by his own remembering* There you go. Anyway that’s why she’s so pretty.

Amber: Aww, you think I’m pretty? :3

Lucky: *frowns* *tries to figure out if he said something embarrassing* Everyone thinks you’re pretty…

Amber: 😱🥰

Lucky: She studied psychology in uni, then ARCHIVE picked her up immediately after that. So that shows you how smart she is! 😀

Amber: I thought this was your revenge…?

Lucky: Sorry. Um… oh, I have something weird about her…

Amber: *eyes widen*

Lucky: She likes exercising.

Amber: Oh here we go.

Lucky: Like, she just… runs. For fun. When no one’s chasing her or anything.

Amber: Luc, only you hate exercise. The rest of the world just puts up with it because it’s good for you and makes you feel healthy.

Lucky: 😒

Lucky: Yeh but running for fun 😤

Amber: 😅

Lucky: Um what else… she likes reading classic books and will recommend books to you because she likes them without giving consideration for whether you’ll actually enjoy them or not. *pouts*

Amber: *shrugs* Luc, I’ve told you before, you need to expand your tastes. You can’t only read Medieval novels. There just aren’t that many in the world.

Lucky: 😤

Amber: And The Lord of the Rings is a medieval fantasy anyway. That’s what you’re referring to, isn’t it?

Lucky: Yeah, that and The Chronicles of Narnia. 😒

Amber: *gives up*

Me: I feel like we’re learning more about Lucky than Amber here… Lucky, what’s she like to work with on a mission? 

Lucky: She’s good I guess. We… haven’t really had a mission together though. Our first mission we were separated: she was meant to ride a plane from London to New York in 1998, and I was meant to be there when it went down, but… what did happen with that? 

Amber: ugh so much. Long story short I was tailed at the airport and didn’t manage to catch the plane in time.

Lucky: Right. Then our second mission was to get the timebox from the labs, but… well, 

Amber: We were tailed on the way home and didn’t make it back in time? 😅

Lucky: yeah we got separated again. 

Me: wow I didn’t realise how repetitive this is XD 

Lucky: then you went to 1868 accidentally, and I went later to pick you up… oh hang on, I’m not allowed to mention this, am I? 

Me: Nah it’s fine, it’s in the blurb 😉

Lucky: Ah cool. She didn’t recognise me. It turned out that the–

Me: Ah! No that’s spoiler territory! 

Amber: *frowns* well, how do we know what’s spoilers and what’s not then?

Me: I’ll let you know. Essentially, you’ve never had a full mission together where you’re both conscious the entire time and start and finish it together? 

Lucky: yeah essentially

Me: 😳 next book ok

Amber: Hehe we’ll look forward to it! 

*at the same time*

Lucky: Nooo the sequel is always worse 😡

Me: XD

(More to come! Over Summer, I’ll be introducing all four Mainiacs this way! Sign up to be notified when Laura and Shinichi are introduced too!)

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