Meet the Mainiacs: Shinichi Samejima

Last But Not Least…

Me: Okay, okay, Shinichi, we need to give Laura a chance to get revenge… uh… I mean, introduce you.

Shinichi: *puts notebook away*

Laura: Thank you. Well, kochira Shinichi desu.

Shinichi: *visible surprise*

Laura: 😎 One of my other Japanese friends taught me that. It means, ‘This is Shinichi’. Anyway in case you haven’t already deduced this, he was a detective back in Japan before he came here to London to work at ARCHIVE.

Shinichi: Why would they have deduced that?

Laura: 😐 *magically holds up link*

Shinichi: 🧐

Laura: Oh, one thing that always makes me think of Shinichi is C O F F E E

Shinichi: Yesssssssss


Shinichi: wait what

Laura: Only buy Shinichi coffee if you want him to dislike you.

Shinichi: 😨 Wait no— she’s lying!!

Me: But Laura, you buy him coffee.

Laura: Yep. And he doesn’t like me. 

Me: 🤯

Laura: One of his favourite things to drink is herbal tea. In fact, any kind of pomegranate tea will be greatly appreciated.

Shinichi: Wha–

Laura: But only if it’s very weak.

Shinichi: 😨 If I grovel, will you stop?

Laura: *evil laugh* mmmmmmmaybe.

Me: 😂😂 C’mon Laura, let’s move on. He can grovel later. *makes note to write that scene*

Laura: Yes. Um… Shinichi is unique out of the four of us, in that he is the only ARC-researcher. Or… was the only ARC-researcher. He was fired for… I’m not allowed to say, am I?

Me: No, and you can’t mention what’s he’s doing now, either. But you can explain what an ARC-researcher is.

Laura: Well, it’s like the field agents are the characters in a video game, and the ARC-researchers are the players.

Me: ??? how??

Shinichi: *frowns*

Laura: or maybe they’re like the little chat boxes that tell you what to do. To be honest… I don’t play video games.

Me: *realises no one present plays video games to be able to correct her* Um… Shinichi? Please help her?

Shinichi: ARC-researchers stay in the present, ready to give advice or back-up to the field agents while they’re on mission in the past. We’re also useful for giving second opinions, helping agents improvise and being emotional support. We can also give medical advice, and are the ones who work the timeboxes to get them to and from the past.

Laura: See? That’s what I meant!

Me: In what universe are your two answers the same?

Shinichi: *chuckles* I thought this was your revenge >:)

Laura: Oh no, my revenge will come later

*whispers* in pomegranate tea

So now you’ve seen a snap-shot of each of my four mainiacs: Lucky, Amber, Laura and Shinichi. I’m not sure if they make more or less sense now XD

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed them! Who’s your favourite so far?

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