On My To Do List: 2022 Writing Update

I’ve started a few projects since I last wrote an update on everything I’m working on. Just like last time, I’m too tired to work on any of them right now, so here’s a formal introduction to keep me writing instead.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
  1. The Mistwaes Home

Shalton is the crown prince of the magical kingdom of Zenn, tasked with solving the problems in the kingdom his father and his advisors don’t have time for. When he accidentally steps through a mistwae, he finds himself trapped in the strange world of ‘Earth’. As he finds himself learning the language, working and even making friends in this foreign culture, he only grows more and more desperate to find the mistwae that can take him back to Zenn.

It seems his best bet is to team up with the strangest girl in town–a self-proclaimed mistwae-magnet, but time is running out for Shalton: an old mist-wraith friend has found him, and she wants him to take responsibility for an old decision. Sided with a nutcase and chased by the mist, will Shalton ever find a mistwae home?

This is currently my main writing-in-progress. I’m hoping to finish it by March (realises that’s n e x t m o n t h :0), but I think that will be a rough first draft finished, as I’m probably only about a third of the way through. (It’s kind of hard to tell because I haven’t planned the ending yet 😅.)

2. The Piper’s Mountain

Lukas feels alone and outcast in his town of Hamelin, two years since the rest of the village’s children were stolen by the Piper. When his own family seems to turn against him, however, it’s the last straw. He sets out to rescue the children and finally not be ignored by his village.

This is a sequel of sorts to the legend The Pied Piper of Hamelin, in the form of a musical. The concept and book are by the amazingly talented Evangelyn Hill, who has employed me to write the songs and music.

We’re planning to put on a production (date, time and place to be advised) in mid-2022, but it’s still being planned at time of writing. If you live in the right place, you can stay up to date on our soon-to-be-live Instagram page, or join the Campfire for updates on how it’s going and where to buy tickets.

While I’m here, I’ll give you some updates on the projects I introduced in my last writing projects update.

  1. An Experiment in Time and Memory

According to some of my beta-readers, that’s my blurb now 😛

I’m still editing this book, slowly, slowly. If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll be aware that I’m not enjoying editing and am heading toward thoroughly through with it. Heading that way, but not there yet! >:)

I’m still hoping to publish it, but I haven’t figured out a plan for it yet. Wish me luck (and please follow me on Instagram and on my email list because that will help me publish it! :D) for when I start talking to publishers! *sweats nervously*

2. Heir of a Thief

Work on this project has paused due to a greater and more urgent musical being created instead. While I enjoyed working on this, it was always just a practice musical, and I didn’t plan to push this to publication. I might return to it later, but I need to finish The Piper’s Mountain first!

3. How to True Love: A Guide for Narcissists

Wow, this feels like a trip down memory lane. I haven’t opened this document in a while, but it’s been in my mind. I talked about it with my co-author just the other day as we argued about the outline. That’s where we’ve stalled… but mainly we both have other projects that are taking priority at the moment.

4. Sequel

I’ve nearly finished this one! I don’t think I’ll edit it for publication, though it was fun to write. I need to focus my main efforts on An Immutable Past, The Mistwaes Home and The Piper’s Mountain. After those are finished, who knows?

If you’re curious to read any of these, please let me know; it will be very encouraging! And if you sign up to the Campfire (link above), I’ll send you updates as I work towards getting a few of them published and into your hands. Thank you for your support!

So, amazing story-tellers, what are you working on? How are your long-term projects coming along?

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