Debbie Coll is a Melbourne-based author, songwriter and composer with a passion for telling good stories in any medium. She wrote and composed the songs for the musical The Piper’s Mountain, and is working on publishing her first novel.

Hellooooo, it’s Debbie! Here are ten things you should know about me…

  1. I’m a Christian, and my favourite Bible parable is found in Matthew 13:44.
  2. I’m a trained composer, which simply means I have scored some films, written some essays and composed “in mobile form” to pass a couple of subjects :P. I’m also upping my writing skills in the Author Conservatory.
  3. I used to struggle choosing whether I should go into music or writing, and one day I thought… why can’t I do both? So now I’m on a mission to discover why people don’t do both XD. I have a couple of book-things in the works, and will let you know as soon as I publish anything!
  4. I love reading! I’m constantly reading more than one book at a time, and generally I try to read one Christian non-fiction, one classic and something from a series. Somehow, I usually end up reading seven at once. 😛
  5. On my Instagram, I post music inspired by books I’m reading 🙂
  6. I love animals. My favourite animal is my dog, Max, who is just the most adorable little nightmare you’ve ever seen. ❤
  7. I like the idea of writing science-fiction, but my last two projects (The Mistwaes Home and something else I don’t have a title for yet) are both portal fantasy.
  8. I’m left-handed and running out of things to say.
  9. I live in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, which probably isn’t significant unless you’re also from the west…
  10. I can’t wink with my left eye. Idk why you should know that. (Is anyone else like this??)

So that’s… probably too much information about me! 😅 What are some interesting facts about you?

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