From the Laptop to Libraries: Chronicling My Novel’s Journey to Publication

Late last year, I had the pleasure of attending a writers’ forum in a library in the rural city of Geelong. They had brought in four authors of varying genres, and asked them how they got their story from their laptop into the readers’ hands: how did they come up with the story? How didContinue reading “From the Laptop to Libraries: Chronicling My Novel’s Journey to Publication”

On my To-Do List: 2023 Writing Update 

Hello and happy new year! (3 months late… Oh well.) How has your 2023 been so far? What are you looking forward to this year?  This year feels big, as it’s a sort of “gap year” where I’m working and seeing how far I can get in my own small business, writing and composing full-time. Continue reading “On my To-Do List: 2023 Writing Update “

Taking Breaks: The Key We’ve Been Missing?

A guest post by Kirsten Foster. Tell me if this sounds like you: You’ve been working on a project for months now, whether that be a song, a story, a drawing, or any hobby.  You were so excited to work on it in the beginning, but now you find yourself dreading to look at yourContinue reading “Taking Breaks: The Key We’ve Been Missing?”

Letting Go of Counting Minutes

As I finished my composition degree, the pressure of the large assignments and looming deadlines drained my creativity. I started dragging my feet to work, and bribing myself to get homework done. I was burning out. But how could I take a break with so many deadlines looming? And without taking a break, how couldContinue reading “Letting Go of Counting Minutes”

Four Things I’ve Learnt while Writing a Musical 

The Piper’s Mountain (book by Evangelyn Hill) finished just over a month ago! (My work ethic is still recovering hehe.) That project stretched me and pushed me, and the difference between my music before and after is striking. (You can hear for yourself below!) While I’m still growing as a composer and as a writer,Continue reading “Four Things I’ve Learnt while Writing a Musical “

What Next? Continuing a Romantic Arc in Your Sequel 

Congratulations! You made it through the first book! And your characters are so cute together :3.  So… what happens next? Sequels are tricky, because there’s so much comparison between your first book and your second. If they need to be bigger than (and not just on par with) book one, what does that mean forContinue reading “What Next? Continuing a Romantic Arc in Your Sequel “

The Sad and Sorry Tale of the Surprise Hiatus

Hello again wonderful readers! Before we jump straight back into our usual schedule as though nothing happened, I think I should explain my long hiatus. Some of my friends who follow this blog have asked why I haven’t updated it recently, and I’ve given vague responses like “I’ve been busy” (which is true), but there’s…Continue reading “The Sad and Sorry Tale of the Surprise Hiatus”

The List of Forbidden Tropes

I decided while packing Uber orders at work today that instead of trying to sound intelligent in today’s blog post, I’d just write out my thoughts conversationally and hope that even if it’s not informative, it’s at least encouraging.  Six weeks ago, I started this blog post with a list of tropes I don’t likeContinue reading “The List of Forbidden Tropes”

An Otherwise Silent Bar

(An original short story.) First, an announcement: Due to personal reasons, I’m putting this week’s Writing Romance post on hold for another week. I didn’t post two weeks ago because I was still recovering from covid, and while I’m much better now (thanks for asking), other things have come up and I haven’t had aContinue reading “An Otherwise Silent Bar”