Meet the Mainiacs: Shinichi Samejima

Last But Not Least… Me: Okay, okay, Shinichi, we need to give Laura a chance to get revenge… uh… I mean, introduce you. Shinichi: *puts notebook away* Laura: Thank you. Well, kochira Shinichi desu. Shinichi: *visible surprise* Laura: 😎 One of my other Japanese friends taught me that. It means, ‘This is Shinichi’. Anyway in case you haven’t already deducedContinue reading “Meet the Mainiacs: Shinichi Samejima”

Was that it??

I admit that my last post was a last-ditch effort to motivate myself to start the next draft of my novel, An Experiment in Time and Memory An Immutable Past.  And it worked!  Kind of… (If you haven’t read my last post already, it will provide some context for this post 🙂 ) A weekContinue reading “Was that it??”

Four (more) things I’ve learnt while editing my novel 

Wow, has it really been four more drafts? (Has anyone been keeping count? Because it might have just been three… I can’t remember anymore @_@)  Amidst procrastinating the ninth (I think?) draft and wondering if this thing will EVER be finished, I’ve learnt a lot about writing and editing from An Experiment in Time andContinue reading “Four (more) things I’ve learnt while editing my novel “


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