A Lesson in Vivid Descriptions from Captain Phoebus

Descriptions are so hard. It’s hard enough getting all the important details down (including the ones I just take for granted as being there), let alone drawing my audience into the setting, making them feel like they’re in the world with my characters, caring for the same things.  And once I feel like I’ve finallyContinue reading “A Lesson in Vivid Descriptions from Captain Phoebus”

Five Writing Tips for Newbies

I have to admit, I feel unqualified to be giving writing tips. I’m struggling to think of some (and this seemed like such a good idea two weeks ago…) and feeling called out by each of them XD. But these are the tips that have, I think, helped me the most so far. I hopeContinue reading “Five Writing Tips for Newbies”

Five Songwriting Tips for Newbies

Someone asked me for songwriting tips the other day, and I realised I don’t have any really specific tips on my blog. I always thought that I couldn’t write a list of songwriting tips because I don’t have decades of songwriting experience! But maybe it’ll be helpful for songwriting newbies to hear some tips fromContinue reading “Five Songwriting Tips for Newbies”

The Purpose of Music According to Glück

I just submitted an essay for my history class, which I wrote on the composer Christoph Willibald von Gluck. Yes, I’m one of those weird people who find history essays interesting, and since Gluck had some good thoughts on music and opera, I thought I’d share some of my essay with you. (Don’t worry, IContinue reading “The Purpose of Music According to Glück”

Recording Songs and Rethinking Posts

Last post, I wrote about my first song and how far my songwriting has come since then. The timing couldn’t have been better. All through the next week, the words were ringing in my head… embrace the cringe… That week, I recorded a few of my songs for the first time.  In our last post,Continue reading “Recording Songs and Rethinking Posts”

Book Review: Writing Better Lyrics (Second Edition)

You have to love those books that leave you feeling both overwhelmed by how little you knew, as well as excited by what you can now do. Pat Pattison’s songwriting method is intense and eye-opening, but his final lyrics speak for themselves.  What is it about? Writing Better Lyrics is a how-to guide to bringingContinue reading “Book Review: Writing Better Lyrics (Second Edition)”

The Sentries of Parnagie Hill

An original poem Down from the mountains, an odd pair they come,Relieved from the watch they have kept since autumnA cry from the city rings through the spring chill,‘Here’s two more—the sentries from Parnagie Hill!’ And in through the gates, with a spring in their step,Stroll two men in breastplate, dark armour and capSmelling ofContinue reading “The Sentries of Parnagie Hill”

The Stories You Tell – Stories that Matter

On my home page, you’ve probably seen the button that says ‘join my email list!’ Maybe you’ve signed up, or maybe you’re wondering what it is. My email list is where I send updates on my blog, writing, songwriting, and where I can tell a few stories I don’t have songs for. But, even betterContinue reading “The Stories You Tell – Stories that Matter”