Four Things I’ve Learnt while Writing a Musical 

The Piper’s Mountain (book by Evangelyn Hill) finished just over a month ago! (My work ethic is still recovering hehe.) That project stretched me and pushed me, and the difference between my music before and after is striking. (You can hear for yourself below!) While I’m still growing as a composer and as a writer,Continue reading “Four Things I’ve Learnt while Writing a Musical “

The Sad and Sorry Tale of the Surprise Hiatus

Hello again wonderful readers! Before we jump straight back into our usual schedule as though nothing happened, I think I should explain my long hiatus. Some of my friends who follow this blog have asked why I haven’t updated it recently, and I’ve given vague responses like “I’ve been busy” (which is true), but there’s…Continue reading “The Sad and Sorry Tale of the Surprise Hiatus”

On My To Do List: 2022 Writing Update

I’ve started a few projects since I last wrote an update on everything I’m working on. Just like last time, I’m too tired to work on any of them right now, so here’s a formal introduction to keep me writing instead. The Mistwaes Home Shalton is the crown prince of the magical kingdom of Zenn,Continue reading “On My To Do List: 2022 Writing Update”