Below are some examples of original music I’ve created as a composer and film scorer.

If you’re interested in commissioning work or employing me, please don’t hesitate to be in contact!

Original Compositions

To Awaken the Trees

The challenge: to write a piece using self-created samples only.

Some of the fun samples include:

  • Blowing over a bottle
  • A couple of toy glockenspiels I found around the house
  • A mushroom hitting a kick drum
  • A match lighting
  • A bubbling stream
  • My voice
  • A plastic recorder pitch shifted down a couple of octaves to make the perfect bass
  • My 130-year-old piano
Here’s part of ‘To Awaken the Trees’:

You can download it for free if you click on these musical notes here! –> 🎵

Character Themes

The challenge: I asked some of my author friends to tell me about their characters. Then I wrote a short theme that aimed to incapsulate that character. Click on the character names and scroll across to hear each one!


(Please note that while some of the films have a different name credited, it’s still me 😉)

1. Pictures (2021 short film)

Director: Riley Chintock

Synopsis: Wes finds another chance to win the girl of his dreams at his ten-year high school reunion.

1. Dawn (2020 short film)

Director: Harry McFarlane

Synopsis: When Walter’s wife died, he lost the motivation to keep going. Now he spends his days fishing on a local pier, waiting for something to happen. Or someone…

Content warnings: none

2. Dough Boy (2020 short film)

Director: Sebastian Portelli

Synopsis: After a violent fight with a customer at his casual pizza-making job, a young man struggles to decide whether to leave the job in shame, or risk staying out of loyalty to his boss.

Content warnings: swearing

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