Four (more) things I’ve learnt while editing my novel 

Wow, has it really been four more drafts? (Has anyone been keeping count? Because it might have just been three… I can’t remember anymore @_@)  Amidst procrastinating the ninth (I think?) draft and wondering if this thing will EVER be finished, I’ve learnt a lot about writing and editing from An Experiment in Time andContinue reading “Four (more) things I’ve learnt while editing my novel “

Story-telling Tips from an Unlikely Source

In high school, one of my best friends was obsessed with it. She wanted to get me hooked too, but I was too wise for my own good, and told her that if I watched it I would become as obsessed as she was and would never get any study done. When I started university,Continue reading “Story-telling Tips from an Unlikely Source”