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The Sad and Sorry Tale of the Surprise Hiatus

Hello again wonderful readers! Before we jump straight back into our usual schedule as though nothing happened, I think I should explain my long hiatus. Some of my friends who follow this blog have asked why I haven’t updated it…

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The List of Forbidden Tropes

I decided while packing Uber orders at work today that instead of trying to sound intelligent in today’s blog post, I’d just write out my thoughts conversationally and hope that even if it’s not informative, it’s at least encouraging.  Six…

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An Otherwise Silent Bar

(An original short story.) First, an announcement: Due to personal reasons, I’m putting this week’s Writing Romance post on hold for another week. I didn’t post two weeks ago because I was still recovering from covid, and while I’m much…

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Writing Romances that Last Beyond the Book

Some fictional romances feel fictional. Reading them is like watching a badly-performed theatrical performance, where the characters fall in love, sing endlessly about how they would die for their lover, but all the way through you get the sense that…

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