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The best writing tool you own

What tools do you use for your craft? What do you write, or sketch, or compose on? I’m so tech-reliant these days. When I was a child, we had a two-hour screen-time limit per day, and honestly, I can’t remember…

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Was that it??

I admit that my last post was a last-ditch effort to motivate myself to start the next draft of my novel, An Experiment in Time and Memory An Immutable Past.  And it worked!  Kind of… (If you haven’t read my…

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A Lesson in Vivid Descriptions from Captain Phoebus

Descriptions are so hard. It’s hard enough getting all the important details down (including the ones I just take for granted as being there), let alone drawing my audience into the setting, making them feel like they’re in the world…

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Five Composing Tips for Newbies

I struggled to love my music in my first year of my Bachelor of Composition. It took months for me to be happy with the music I was hearing back from my computer, but when I did, I loved writing…

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Five Writing Tips for Newbies

I have to admit, I feel unqualified to be giving writing tips. I’m struggling to think of some (and this seemed like such a good idea two weeks ago…) and feeling called out by each of them XD. But these…

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