Meet the Mainiacs: Laura Hamilton

(This is the third in the series… for context, start here 🙂 )


Laura Hamilton, the costume-, mischief- and match-maker of ARCHIVE,

Shinichi Samejima, an ex-ARC-researcher,

and me, their author. 🙂

I promise these two have important roles in the plot XD

Me: So do you two know what’s going on?

Laura: Yeah, Lucky warned me.

Shinichi: *frowns* what’s going on?

Laura: You have to introduce me to the readers.

Me: Laura… 😒 you have to introduce Shinichi too.

Laura: Yeah, but he’s going first 😁

Shinichi: 🙄

Shinichi: Right. Laura Hamilton, female, 33 years old. Married to Aaron Hamilton, and mother of Jessie Hamilton. Born in Australia, and ARCHIVE seamstress—

Laura: Do you have to make it sound like I’ve just been murdered?

Shinichi: I was simply stating the facts.

Me: Perhaps a tad too drily?

Shinichi: ō_ō

Me: Start with complete sentences.

Shinichi: Fine; how’s this? Sometimes Laura buys me decaffeinated coffee because she thinks I don’t notice.

Laura: 😨

Shinichi: *whispers* I knew it


Me: Is that all you have to say about her?

Shinichi: I don’t know how to introduce her. She isn’t very noteworthy.

Laura: *chokes*

Me: Okay. Um… how do you feel after talking to her?

Shinichi: Like I want coffee.

Laura: 😒

Me: What was your impression when you first met her?

Shinichi: Hmm. I had a headache, so I got a coffee. She’s actually quite thoughtful and intelligent…

Laura: 😯 🥰

Shinichi: …but she hides it well.

Laura: 😤

CaN yOu pLEaSe SaY oNE ThINg aBoUT mE wItHouT RoAsTInG mE????

Shinichi: *thinks*

I suppose so.

But you just make roasting you so easy.


Shinichi: *chuckles*

One nice thing is that I showed her a good cafe once and now she still buys me coffee from there.

Laura: *waits for the roast*

Shinichi: You have no idea how many people from ARCHIVE I’ve taken there for meetings. And they still give me coffee from the automatic machine in the ARCHIVE kitchen.

Laura: In fairness to them, it’s a half-hour drive from ARCHIVE in ideal traffic conditions.

Shinichi: Don’t defend them; I’m trying to be nice to you. She also made me a hamper when I was in hospital, which was nice.

Laura: 🥰 aww you remember that

Shinichi: Except that the sushi you put in it was expired. Who puts sushi in a hamper anyway?

Laura: well… you’re Japanese? I thought you’d like something from home…

Shinichi: *pulls out a notepad*

Laura: What are you writing?

Shinichi: A reminder to buy you Marmite for Christmas.

Laura: You’re despicable.

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